Legalistical Stuff

All rights reserved, absolutely no part of any pixel generated format that has been produced within, without ontop or in front ,for that matter, is allowed to be snatched from my cradled arms, similar to taking my friendly pet gorrila from me ,myself or associated examples of the preceded wordings that are by definition 'sentient beings'.

Sub-section 42a paragragh hexagon, of the 'Universal Sentient Being Act'(Circa 2547BCE) states: In no way, shape, standard, form, pre-form, expected, unexpected, trans-dimensional, time-hopping or convoluted way shall any being take the shape of a) Liquid Nitrogen b) photo enduced sequencial layering c)polymorphic resonance or d)knowledge that is contained within a thought stream that 'A being may be thinking of at a time when they should be thinking about something else'(Section 482f paragraph octagon U.S.B.A 2547 'pertaining to that incident with the rat and the drain-pipe')

Pertaining to 'expressed permissions'

Where is it? asks the pre-cyborg , 'I dunno' replies the ape of thoth, 'However within this garden you will find all the eggs you need'. This short proverb (Dipper the Progressive - Proverbs and their symbyosis with the water that dwells within 2347 et-al) explains the nature in which the above should be considered. Whilst the majority of sentience is reliant upon certain basic characteristics, most, if not all have looked upon whatever you are looking upon and coveted. Also whilst it may be less of an expense to create a 'hog-roast' in a beings eating area, with no thought to their expense, cleanliness, energy consumed, etc it may require that you provide some input to their financial monetry system, if not then you must request that you may use a)Utensils b)that other thing that everyone has and ....yes you got it c)their expressed permission! this can usually take the form of conversation, telepathy, angry words muttered under one's breathe,computer generated text, shouting or myther.

In summary, whilst you have seen that the majority of thought can be thought and the things that are seen are ,by definition, seen, but not heard. It may interest you to look at Section 19v paragraph dohdecahedron U.S.B.A 2547 which states: 'Once it has been said then it has been said, unless the timeline is fluidic enough to be first brought backwards then ,by definition, it can be unsaid. Whilst this is obvious to most, the tree dwellers of R#1205B were unable to participate in this interaction (at the age of 4 years their communication emitters are routinely turned inside out as a mark of respect to those that fell from the tree and liberated their kind) thus changes were made and subsequent documents now read differently, unfortunately most are still not appeased by this motion and further documentation on the subject can be found at your local vapourization centre.

Further to the summary, if you require most things then enlisting the assistance of your personal mind control editor or supervisor can help. Otherwise you can find a 'friendly group of Bernards' who will always assist for the price of a small helping of 'fected casserole'. Basically all that you require is here and if you require it for your personal use its nice to ask first.Don't forget 'Gorilla's have feelings too'(Randy McTash - Sentience and its apparent downfalls in the gelatine era 2664BCE et-al)


You May Never Leave!!!