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So you've found another secret page, you must be bored!!!
Mind you I suppose if you Google it you might get 'em anyhoo.

Setting up a witches circle.

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Hopefully you'll be aware of a circle and what you can do in it , e.g do magick things of course!
Anyhoo you will need an 'altar', that can be anything you want, even a piece of wood if you want to go mobile,
however each time you wrought magic it strengthens the connection to ...well you decide!
So its probably best if you try to USE it in the same place when your doing your thing.

You will also need a fire proof container for incense, a red candle, a bowl for water and finally a bowl for salt.
Sounds like were gonna be doing some cooking eh?
The incense is to provide you with the representation of the Element Air, the red candle for the Element of Fire,
The water for the Element ....c'mon, think about it and finally the salt for the Element of Earth.
You will also need a small plate or anything that is circular on which a pentagram is drawn, written, burned in or inscribed.
Finally a representation of the God and the Goddess(if your following wicca, witchcraft or even your own path).
The God and Goddess are further representations of the Male and Female aspect that is within all of us,
similar to The Balance within nature. The God can be anything that signifies a man to you, I use a Green Man badge(The Green
Man is an ancient symbol rooted within paganism)

the Goddess can be something feminine (I use a small angel and have
used a miniture book of Aesops fables which to me represents the wisdom offered by the Goddess, but its whatever you

Alternatively you can use a black candle for the male and a white candle for the female...'simples'.
Oh and your gonna need some thin rope or material to contain both you and the altar within a circle which should be
about 6 to 9 foot in diameter , whichever your comfortable with... go upto 12 foot if youve got the space.

I use Iron chains...an ancient Sumerian thang, but each to their own!

demonic kobalt narrrow
Make sure all distractions are removed eg communication devices, alarm clocks, that person youve kept chained up in the

Now you can begin.
Clear your mind and argggghhhhhhh...Ive told you too much, now check the rest out on the media, communication,
human interface device(computer).


What! You want key words... well, go on then.
Wiccan Rede, Consecration of the circle, Names of Power, Calling the Four Quarters, The four Watchtowers,
The Three aspects of the Goddess, The Green Man, Sabats and Esbats, Phases of the Moon, and finally, Bewitched series one,
three and six(ok that last one was to check if your concentrating!)

Don't forget...BE CAREFUL, it works...it works I tell Ya!