Below are some of the sentient beings that are in Kobalt videos,
if you don't recognise them take another look through the vids!


 demonic kobalt in picframe2penta browns (1)demonic kobalt in picframe2



The time travelling, dimension hopping Psychiatrist.
During the analysis of one of his patients he found out how to time travel and
open 'worm holes' ,Dr.Puzzle-Factrys knowledge of these secrets sealed the patients fate,
he was lobotomised and kept in the 'rubber room'.
Dr.Puzzle-Factry now travels the ether looking for other secrets and an antidote to
his anxiety (a side effect of his time and dimensional travel),and wants Kobalt
for his occult knowledge.
He will stop at nothing to contain Kobalt and keep him on the 'Klown Ward'.





Quoggers the Kat

Quoggers is a daemon(yes its spelt correctly) summoned by Kobalt in 'the circle of art'(check your Grimoires)
he is Kobalts 'familiar', if you will.
Quoggers advises Kobalt and is an old friend. He uses his present form of a kat as his
true form would be too distressing, even for Kobalt.
He also adores Cheezeburgers...and mice!






Bernard Lithwood

Bernard, an excellent darts player and druid. Hes down to Earth and is a friend of Kobalt.
He knows how to use both the light and dark arts.
He lives in a time when natural disaster is commonplace (thanks to wombmankind) and
has to wear his gas mask. His missus and he cant go out much due to pollution and
things can come to a head, especially when Kobalt tries to get him out of his
bunker. Mrs.Lithwood tolerates Kobalt but only to a point...Ohh and he talks alot!







After Kobalt Blew the Magick Whistle M3DS was given a mouth (from the God's).
He knows Kobalt and is thankful for his evolution, sometimes his new appendige can run away
with him, however Kobalt has been able to use him as a frontman for his various advertisements.
As with all things M3DS means so much more and to find his true secret you should look horizontally,
vertically and 4dimensionally...then you will see his message!






Mr G.Orm-Less

He's always there...always about. He wears Kobalt attaire (cause he got it for free)
he enjoys himself, we believe, but doesn't say much about it.
He knows stuff you know...but he knows it, only he!

There's a bit of him in all of us!



Ohhh...theres more to come...yesss