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Here are some more 'thoughts', 'observations', 'madness' on a couple of subjects


The elements

There are four elements air, fire, water and earth.

I say them in this order as that is the way that they are represented in the wiccan religion(in clockwise deosil form).

Lets take air and fire. They are symbolised by an upright triangle. One usually tends to have a line through it. These represent things of a spiritual nature as they are rising elements. Rising upwards towards the sky, the light.

Now onto Water and earth. They are symbolised by a downright triangle, one with a line through it. These tend to deal with things of matter, materialism, physical things. The ‘base’ things of life. They point downward into the ground.

Think of these in the natural bio sphere.
Earth, the centre, next water, then air, where is fire? Maybe fire is the centre(molten rock).

Then it would be fire, earth, water and then air.

(Incidentally the Chinese only believe in 3 elements)

All of the above elements interact with each other.

In astrology air and fire tends to get along, as water and earth do. However, if we look at the relationship of mixing them round then a different picture is shown.
Air and water ,water requires air so that it doesn’t stagnate. Air requires water so that it is not too dry.
Air and earth, earth needs air to be oxygenated, air does not seem to need earth but works well for the previous reason.
Fire and water, neither need each other but both can be used to create steam which would then turn into air which would return to the earth(due to density)as water.
Fire and earth, fire scorches the earth cleansing it, earth can be used to put out fire, neither need each other.

Just a different way of looking at the relationships of the Zodiac.




The Pentagram


The pentagram is symbolised as water, fire, earth and air(spirit at the top)

that is again going deosil from the second point down, this is when it is upright.

penta browns (1)
When the pentagram is placed ‘infernally’, that is top point downwards, this symbolises the domination of ‘the spirit’ by the material world.
So there!




Unpleasant vibes


Unwelcome guests or tiresome people coming round to the house?

A quick remedy, take a fresh onion, cut it up, scatter it around the room(obviously if your tidy hide them away, or put them in a bowl nearby).

When they’ve gone burn the onion remains outside and scatter the ashes.

This works on the belief that negative energy is ‘drawn’ into the onion and it soaks into it.

Kobalt in living room
Alternatively don’t open the door! Beep Beep!





Evil eye


The evil eye can be gotten rid of in different ways, here’s a couple.

Amulets worn on the person, this can be anything from a crucifix, pentagram or even an eye symbol.

A lucky charm…however I’m not too sure as to whether this would work as effectively as an amulet that can be seen by the person who is directing the evil eye at you! Unless your wearing it... anyhoo I digress,

It depends on how strong your belief is in that particular item.

I prefer hand gestures, these can be subtly done and in the presence of the offender.

By hand gestures I refer to the 'horned hand' (usually seen a rock concerts).

There are three other types that Ive come across, but I'll show you them some other time.

It is not always ‘evil’ people that do it either. When your boasting about something you can ellicit the evil eye of jealousy from someone who‘s listening to you.

So...Don't boast, cause they'll get ya!