Kobalt's Secret Page


You have found Kobalt's secret page, do you want a prize!!!


Your only prize may be knowledge or futility!



'When the Jews return to Zion,
and a comet rips the sky,
and the Holy Roman Empire rises,
then you and I must die.

From the eternal sea, He rises,
creating armies on either shore,
turning man against his brother,
til man exsits...no more.'

'There is a difference between love, lust,
infactuation and novelty.'


'In such condition there is no place for Industry,
because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and
consequently no culture of the Earth:
no navigation,nor use of the commodities that may
be imported by sea; no commodius building;
no Insruments of moving, and removing
such things as require much force;
no knowledge of the face of the Earth;
no account of time; no arts;
no letters; no society; and, which is worst of all,
continual fear and danger of violent death; and the
life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish,
and short.'



'1 They recruit through inaccurate information.

2 They inoculate their recruits mentally against any
other point of view.
3 The group(and/or its leader/s) profits or benefits
from the members, either directly by taking their
finances or indirectly by making them work for
nothing or for very low renumeration.
4 people are hurt by it-and this can include the
families and friends of members as well as the
members themselves.'
(Secret of cults)



Notes on Psychic Vampirism.

Ever been in the company of someone who literally
'suck's the life outta you'?
Then you've probably met what's known as a
psychic vampire!
They come in all shapes an sizes, utilising there
ability to drain 'energy' from the people that they
Usually it begins on the first encounter, however as
most people may have grown up with one they wouldn't
realise it was happening as it would be familiar to them.
They usually start with a moan, about physical health,
finances, other friends/family members or other
'difficulties' that they claim to be at the mercy of.
They continue this moan relentlessly, wittering on and
on. This is the start of the 'draining process',
as with hypnosis (the repetition of words to put the
mind into 'Alpha state') these vampiric types put you
into this state so as to make you malleable to their
Their 'problem' is a cover to their real purpose.
If you have ever tried to solve one of their
'problems' you will realise that it is impossible!
If you think that you have solved their 'problem'
think again, as another 'difficulty' arises. Again as with
hypnosis you are taken on a journey, except this journey
is one of tiredness and apathy, leaving the poor
victim to feel sick,deflated,apathetic,depressed and
generally ill.
If you know someone who fits this description then
it is important to:


avoid eye contact(or look at the bridge of the nose,
between the two eyes).

close your body language,sit arms folded legs crossed.
throw the 'problem' back at them, emphasising that
THEY can solve it themselves.

Never confront them about what they are doing(this will
only increase their ferocity!)

Leave the vicinity(excuses are invaluable),however if
this is not possible then imagine a mirror facing them,
you can see through it but all they see are themselves.
(this unfortunately can antagonise the situation, so use
with caution)

Above all don't get 'drawn' into their drama's.



At first you may feel guilty but this is another symptom
of being 'fed upon', don't forget 'they've always got a
After a week or so your strength will return and you'll
feel better and have a more positive outlook.

Why does this happen?
I dunno, but some theories include:


Vampiric types unconsciously feed on 'Prana' which
is a life force energy within all living things.

Their Aura has holes in it(some people describe seeing
black indentations surrounding the person)

They have 'learnt' this behaviour from childhood or
someone close to them.


Some Situations.

Marriage-You've married one.
Friendship-Your friends with one.
Family members-You visit one every week for tea.
Work-a bullying boss is a prime example or work collegue
who's always trying to unsurp/undermine you.
Groups-Your sat with group of them in the coffee/public house
constantly reminded that you must return each week/each day
for more of the same disappointment.

Finally don't forget they are doing this unconsciously, they
are not 'vampires' with sharp teeth and can't go out in the
Sun, it's not Twilight or Eclipse!
Don't do anything rash, just be aware of it.



Banishing Evil


To cleanse an area of unwanted spiritual energies (such as bad feelings, bad visitors, or just the feeling of 'somethin a'int right 'ere') there are a couple of things that you can do :

Burn incense to clear the AirAir

also known as 'smudging'.

Sprinkle blessed waterwater and saltEarth in a preparation around the area or...

light fire a candle(blessed of course).


more simply... get rid of it with a gesture!

Also known as the Banishing Pentagram Ritual!


How to do it.


With the hand that you use the most(for, writing, eating, picking your nose, etc)

make them into a point8 .

Then starting in the bottom left corner(near your knee), raise your hand(still pointed) until its above your forehead, then take it down to the bottom right side,

thus creating a shape point warding penta...

Don't stop there though! Take your hand to your left shoulder then across to your right shoulder and then...finally back to where you started.

...anyway, watch the video clip, far less complicated!

(Sorry but it was taken a while ago.)