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Yes Indeed... DVDs with Season 1(the first lot)

Kobalt the Klown Disc1

All the live action videos, twenty in total!!!


and Season 2(the second lot)

Kobalt the Klown Disc2

All the computer generated imagery ones, plus vids that are not on Macrobius321's channel on Youtube

20 odd in total!!!

To you, kind patron £7 each or both for £10.

Ideal for background noise/fear. Watch your Guest backaway from the fridge/drinks cabinet whilst you explain that all the exits are locked.

Reassure them with 'Does anyone know your here???'

Or you can pretend to get them a taxi, I use 'Cant get outta here taxis' cheap and reliable!

Email me for details  by clicking on the 'Email me for details' link, which is to the left of this sentence ;)






You've seen 'em, now you to can enjoy the fun of wearing them, or sticking them somewhere, just don't let that doctor see you!!!

Available to you at cost price!

Be the first of your friends to own these amazing stickers, your 'Friends' will say, 'Can I go home?!!' you can easily inform by directing them to the sticker that tells them what they can do... and what they can't!....So simple!!!

BRANDKKPENTAIAKK2FLAGdemonic kobalt narrrow25by25penta browns (1)

bumper sticker FFT



Or buy a t-shirt...contact me for size etc.


kobal tshirt back no bodyDSC00150okkok





Perfectly printed on both sides, Kobalt stares at you whilst you drink your beverage, hot or cold he doesn't care. All he wants to know is

'How are we today???'

Kobalt the Klown MUG! 

The Cup that Cares!

Sold out! . . .




What could be a better way to brighten up your room?

orange paint... chipwood wallpaper... a purple hippopotamus???

Or what about a couple of Kobalt Still's!!!

Available in most shapes and sizes, guaranteed to please!!!


Jody says 'Since buying three Kobalt Stills(tm) my grandmother hasn't eaten in four days, thank you Kobalt!'

Nabushka! (Transendental times)


black kobalt1-007dsc00150-005

(Just a few examples)



Coming Soon!

If you want to buy anything here, e-mail me and it will be put on E-bay.

So you can do the Paypal thing.